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Why I learn to code while working in the fashion industry

Why learning to code when your main job is to work in fashion with fabrics, garments, shoes, bags, retail stores, shipping boxes, and so on...

If you work in the fashion industry, you can easily relate that this is not the most advanced and technology-friendly place to work at. If you don’t work within fashion, well,.. now you know.

Some supply chain stakeholders have discovered email technology only last week while most actors still don’t have a decent digital footprint. Within the actual brands, you would expect things to be a bit more developed but unless you are in the E-commerce or IT department, most people are content with the Microsoft office tools and sometimes Adobe to run their daily tasks.

I guess that this…

Since the pandemic started we saw quite a few fashion labels that were not structured or focussed in a way that could help them navigate through the storm and survive it.

The result is not only small brands but also bigger ones going belly up and leading thousands of workers and families into unemployment and uncertainty.

From a creative standpoint, it is also the loss of some innovative designers or storytellers that were not supported by the right go-to-market strategy to face the coronavirus crisis.

Usually, I would be advocating for a slower fashion but when it comes to the…


Fashion executive. Entrepreneur. Teacher. And now Writer 😅

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